Multimedia Solo Contest

We have set out to create a different kind of solo comeptition experience. In contrast to the typical competition, repetoire will be open ended, and editing will be allowed. Competitors will submit video performances. Creative ideas are welcome! All competitors will receive detailed feedback from our judging panel. There will be no additional fee to enter the competition. The competition is open only to full registrants of the fall semester (begins Aug. 1).

One winner will be selected in each category, along with an overall "Grand Champion." Each winner will be featured on our winners recital at the end of the semester, and will also receive free registration to the Spring 2021 semester of Grand Champion will also receive a mouthpiece from Ultimate Brass, and $250 Cash. A runner-up for Grand Champion will be awarded $125.

Competition Divisions

  • Ages 19 and Under: 3 - 6 Minute Recording
  • Ages 20 - 28: 8-10 Miunte Recording
  • Ages 29 - 54: 5-10 Minute Recording
  • Ages 55 +3-8 Minute Recording

Recordings will be due by October 15th. More details available internally via the slack channel.

Contest is Open only to registrants of the Inaugural Semester. No additional Fees Apply.

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