Season 2 Schedule

8 Weeks Beginning 2/1/2021

Weekly Schedule (all times in Eastern)

  • Tech/Gear Tuesday - Live at 8PM
  • Masterclasses & Panel Discussions Saturday- Live at 1PM and 3PM
  • 2 Recorded Courses each Week released Monday

Upcoming Courses Include...

Performance Masterclasses with..

  • Jose Sibaja
  • Demondrae Thurman
  • Jennifer Montone
  • Matthew Vaughan
  • Michael Sachs
  • Ben JacksĀ 
  • Tim Buzbee
  • Mary Bowden
  • Gene Pokorny

and more...

Panel DiscussionsĀ 

  • Adam Frey, Mary Bowden, and Deanna Swoboda on Entrepreneurship
  • Tim Buzbee, Jessica Buzbee, and Jennifer Montone on Auditions
  • Pokorny, Montone, and Vaughan on Orchestral Playing
  • Being A Successful Student
  • Organizing Successful Practice

Technology Courses

  • Recording and Editing with Christopher Bill
  • Learn about Microphones with Isaac Winland
  • At Home Learning Technology with James Gourlay
  • Using Green Screens with Keystone Quartet
  • Music Notation with Noteflight

Composer / Repertoire Focus

  • Chris Olka on Bruckner
  • Cristian Ganicenco on Mahler
  • David Childs on Wilby
  • Adam Frey on Sparke

Instrument & Mouthpiece Design from the teams at...

  • Yamaha
  • Eastman
  • Ultimate Brass
  • Miraphone

Many other Great Courses Such as...

  • Entrpenership and Sucess with Carol Jarvis
  • Melodic Fundamentals with Mike Waddell
  • Fundamentals of High Horn Playing with Elizabeth Fremiuth
  • and many more...