Inaugural Season Events

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Current Archived Events (as of 8/26/2020)

Fundamentals Series

  • Building your Fundamental Routine w/ Zach Collins
  • A Different Spin on Fundamentals part 1 w/ Adam Frey
  • Fundamentals w/ Elisabeth Fessler
  • 5-Minute Warm-Up w/ Jessica Sneeringer
  • Fundamentals w/ Hugo Valverde

Technology Series

  • Overdubbing in Audacity and Garage Band w/ Jim Nova
  • Video Production Basics w/ Isaac Winland
  • Cross-Country-Collab w/ Keystone Quartet

Live Performance Series

  • Horn Masterclass w/ Elizabeth Freimuth
  • Tuba Masterclass w/ James Gouraly
  • Trumpet Masterclass w/ Michael Sachs

Style/Interpretation Series

  • Exploring Style w/ Hakeem Bilal
  • From Paper to Concert w/Øystein Baadsvik
  • Stylistic Interpretation w/ Mark Jenkins

Repertoire Series

  • Band Excerpts w/ John Powlison
  • Essential Solo Rep part 1 w/ Cristian Ganicenco
  • Mozart Horn Concerto no. 3 w/ Ben Jacks
  • Infinite Escape w/ Michael Waddell

Career Panel Series

  • Orchestral Career Panel w/ Michael Sachs, Elizabeth Freimuth, Chris Olka, and Cristian Ganicenco

Q&A Sessions

  • Adam Frey
  • Zach Collins
  • Hakeem Bilal
  • Øystein Baadsvik
  • John Powlison
  • Gabriel Colby
  • Elisabeth Fessler
  • Cristian Ganicenco
  • Jessica Sneeringer
  • Isaac Winland
  • Mike Waddell
  • Frank Gulino
  • Keystone Quartet

Other Sessions

  • Body Maintenance for Brass Players w/ Gabriel Colby

Concerts (free on YouTube)

  • Opening Concert
  • Artist Recital # 2
  • Participant Recital #1

Upcoming Events

Many other events to be added to this list for Season 1

  • Strauss w/ Gene Pokorny
  • Improv w/ Rex Richardson
  • Mental Focus Zone Training w/ Larry Williams
  • Mahler w/ Michael Sachs
  • Panel Discussion w/ Athena Brass Band
  • Trombone Masterclass w/ Timothy Smith
  • Euphonium Masterclass w/ David Childs
  • Excerpts w/ Elizabeth Freimuth
  • Loop Station Technology w/ Elisabeth Fessler & Cristian Ganicenco
  • Entrprenership w/ C Street Brass
  • Mouthpiece Design w/ Ultimate Brass
  • Goal Setting w/ Yamaha
  • Many Q&A Sessions
  • Trumpet Masterclass w/ Jennifer Marotta
  • Advanced Audio Techniques w/ Jim Nova
  • Advanced Video Techniques w/ Isaac Winland
  • Tuba Masterclass w/ Chris Olka
  • Essential Repetoire w/ Adam Frey
  • Many more to be announced