For the past week, we have been dropping flyers and videos featuring some world-class brass artists. You may be asking yourself, what is What will I gain by joining?

The purpose and mission of is to connect students of various ages and ability levels with some of the world’s top brass artists. You can think of it as a streaming service for brass playing, with the added benefit of interaction with the artists. In addition to getting access to all content, archived for both immediate and later viewing, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with the artists who produce that content.

I am sure you want to know what it will be like before you commit. The initial 12-week course for will begin August 1st, 2020, with registration available now. During those 12 weeks, new content created by our world-class artists will be released each week. Exclusive, recorded video content, as well as live events, will be available only to students registered for This content will include warm-up courses, FOCUS topic courses (such as range extension, phrasing, entrepreneurship, etc.), repertoire courses, traditional masterclasses, and more. All this content will be archived for long-term access and reference by anyone who enrolls for or during this semester.

New content will be released multiple times a week, so there will always be something new to view and opportunities to interact with the artists. It will also be archived, so you can learn and view at your own pace and as it suits your schedule.

As musicians, we know we can learn something from every artist. You will have access to content from all our brass artists, including those who play another instrument or specialize in a different musical genre. The diverse skills of these musicians can offer you the chance to learn something new and different and to broaden your skill set. Click here to see our full list of artists.

This is not just another platform for watching videos! Every piece of pre-recorded content will have a live follow-up Q&A session on the same day, giving you an opportunity to interact with the artists directly, ask questions, and get more out of their teachings. The Q&A times will vary to accommodate multiple time zones. We know you are busy, so you will be able to view any Q&A sessions you cannot attend in the archive later. You’ll also have access to our exclusive SLACK channel, where you can ask questions in a chat environment if you’re unable to attend the Q&A or just think of something later that you wanted to ask.

More details are coming regarding opportunities to join our multimedia solo competition and to schedule private lessons with various artists.

It is easier than ever before to connect with world-class brass performers. Take the opportunity today to register for our inaugural semester.